Red's Deal

Welcome to Red's Deal

After months of delays on my part, Red's Deal (Re:D) is finally real -- or at least as real as can be at this moment.

Re:D is here to provide you with two pieces for your to consideration:

The Main Event is designed to give you a look at all aspects of poker. The focus here will often be on current events and low-to-medium limit play. In the world right now there's plenty of talk and coverage of plays in mutli-thousand dollar entry tournaments, but I'll spend a lot of my time talking about a world that's a little more realistic than that. In general we'll try to update this section at least three times a week.

View from the Rail is where I write about whatever I please at the moment. Entries in this section will be sporadic, but with any luck at all you'll find them as some combination of entertaining, thought provoking or helpful.

For the time being we're not allowing comments on the site -- only because I'm trying to avoid the idiocy of Yahoo! news story comments. That situation will definitely change in the future.

Expect lots of stylistic and prettification changes over the next few weeks (including my current battle with returns).

I'm glad you're here.

It'll get better, I promise,

Mark "The Red" Harlan

April 1, 2009 (no foolin')