Red's Deal


Red's Deal (Re:D) is divided into two unequal parts:

The Main Event is the home of Mark "The Red" Harlan's (aka "Red") poker 'blog. Mostly covering recent events with comments, he'll occasionally provide larger pieces. The goal is to provide a new tasty tidbit at least three times a week, but sometimes he wanders the planet and is, for lack of a better expression, "gone."

View from the Rail is a collection of writing related to poker only in that it is related to life. Mostly consisting of spew from Red, it will be updated sporadically. If you don't like poker, this will be your favorite part of the site; if you like poker you may wonder just what the hell all that stuff is doing there.

(Red's Deal is also the name of a syndicated poker column, currently being developed by Red. Stay tuned for details.)

The production of Re:D is possible only by the work of a loose affiliation of shadowy characters:

Red - Writer and publisher of this site. Author of Texas Hold'em For Dummies and lead author of Winning at Internet Poker For Dummies. Money winner in the 2005, 2006 and 2007 WSOP. Co-founder of CyberArts Licensing, LLC.

The Birdhead - Programmer and design guy. Creator of the world's first wireless Web server (in 1996!).

B1-66er - Poet Laureate of Re:D, providing poker haiku at least weekly. Currently the English Language Haiku Slugfest Champion of the World.

The Flower Child - Editor of the "bigger and more important" pieces on Re:D (don't blame her for any weaknesses you see). Confidant and free spirit.

Dr. Bob - Poker dealer, misfit, money winner in the 2006 and 2007 WSOP.

Two-fisted Karpov - Our go-to person for statistical accuracy, math theory, and any probability that Red is unsure of. WSOP money winner and Fellow in the Society of Actuaries.

Suttonhoo - Internet marketing propagandist.

Szetela - Ad sensible search engine optimist

K-Steve (Kazakhstan Steve) - Spiritual leader and advisor. Co-owner of our favorite weekly giveaway newspaper.